Caring for you and your family, see some of our happy customer comments below.


My son called B Smart Living about the purchasing  of a scooter for myself as I am not getting out of the house as I used to.
He was pleasantly surprised to find that they have a try before you buy scheme.
This was a wonderful chance to try a mobility scooter.
I found the scooter that I hired was not suitable for what I needed. Then I made the RIGHT decision to purchase a larger scooter with larger batteries and larger wheel size to go the distance and carry my groceries, so I am now independent and can shop whenever I like and have my freedom.
A whole new world has opened up for me.
John M

I have suffered from a spinal injury for some time now and decided it was time to make some changes in my life.
Firstly, I purchased a Liberty Healthcare Deluxe Hi Lo Adjustable bed. I was pleasantly surprise to find that only after a few days that my pain was reduced allowing me to sleep through the night.
My second purchase was a Pride T3 Lift Chair which I found makes my life that much easier during the day as I am not struggling with pain to get out of my chair now.
I would recommend B Smart Living to everyone as Ann and her staff have been very helpful to me in a stressful situation.

Thank you to the ever helpful team at B Smart Living Caringbah for introducing me to the Sportsrider Scooter 

A very proud and happy B Smart Living customer with his new Pride Sports Rider Scooter.
John O.

Thank you to the ever helpful team at B Smart Living Caringbah for introducing me to the Liberty Healthcare Adjustable Deluxe Hi Lo Lift Bed.  
The versatility and extra comfort of the adjustable bed has helped enormously, in better sleep and the ability to elevate my legs.
David called to thank us for our advise on purchasing a Silicone Fibre Single Bed Overlay for his mum Diana.
Diana is spending a lot of time in bed and was not coping with the air mattress and the noise of the pump.
David is glad to have found an alternative solution and happy that he can help with comforting his mum.
Marko purchased a Liberty Lift Bed in June 2016 and found this be to be just wonderful making an “unbelievable” difference to his life 
Getting out of the bed on a daily basis has been made easier by using the side grip handle and adjusting the height. Dressing and making the bed has also been made easier with the height adjustment.

Single –HiLo with Head/Leg Lift
Inner Spring Mattress
Massage Unit (optional)
Side Grip Handle (optional)

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